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About Us

      To me, a "Place of Grace" isn't just a place of being - it's a way of living.  I'm Colleen White, and I am the owner and breeder at A Place of Grace Puppies. I live in Jacksonville, Florida with my husband and best friend of 33 years, Danny. Together we have created the most amazing family. Amazing, YES! Perfect, NO!  Like most families, we have had our share of tragedy, and ups and downs. Being a family of 6, with a large, close extended family, just gives more opportunity to experience those unfortunate times, but also gives more opportunity to give and receive love, have fun and always have a place to just be yourself with people that ''get'' you!  

       During some of my more trying times, there have always been 2 things that have gotten me through; God's grace and my dogs... I have had a dog by my side for the majority of my life. Snoopy was my protector when I was a little girl.  Tammy and Chiene were my playmates as a pre teen, and my confidants until I was a young adult.  Fluffernutter and Finnigan were my babies when my children were starting to "leave the nest," and my comfort when I nearly lost a child to suicide.  Jaxon was my saving grace when I lost my beloved 26 year old nephew, and my father-in-law just a month apart.  Gracie was my healer when I lost my sweet Fluffernutter.  She is also my inspiration to become a breeder!  We've added more to the pack in the form of a rescue named Bailey, our moyen poodles Shaely, Izzy, Lexi, Jojo, and a mini poodle named Fallon.  Molly, Truffles, Snoop Dogg, Rocky and Nugget are also an extension of our pack, and live with our children, parents and guardians!   

I am excited that we have recently moved our family to a new home!  We now have lots of room to run, and not only do our dogs and pups have their very own rooms in the house, but we will also have a building separate from the house for my office and curriculum training! Please follow us as we grow!

      I'm so glad you've stopped by to learn a little more about me!  My protocols and testing are included on my "parent" and "puppy" pages.  I really believe that one of God's greatest gifts to humans is the dog!  My passion and goal is to raise the best puppies who will become healers and life changers for others, and to share God's grace through the heart of a dog!








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