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Puppy Info


Interest &Reservation Lists


If you would like to get on an interest list or reservation list, please fill out a puppy application form (see below) and I will inform you when a litter becomes available. Please note that to get on a reservation list, there is a $200, non refundable reservation fee, which will secure your spot on the list and be deducted from your balance owed when you pick up your new puppy.  Should your plans change, that fee can be transferred to another reservation list.

Puppy Picks and Evaluations

Our puppies are raised on an advanced (BAB) curriculum, and temperament tested at 7 weeks old.  A video of that test, as well as a copy of the result will be sent to everyone who has paid a deposit and secured a spot from that litter.  From the information sent, we ask that you choose 2-3 puppies that you would like to meet on pick up day.  Puppy picks will take place in the order the deposits were received.  On that day, each family will have a scheduled time slot to meet and choose their new puppy.  For those who are not able to come in person on pick up day, you will still have a timeslot scheduled, and the puppies you choose to "meet" will do so through facetime! 


Please note that currently we will not allow visitation before pick up day. We will also not allow in person tours.  We are happy to facetime to give you a tour of where your puppy is being raised!  Please remember this is my family home...

Boarding Availability

For those who cannot pick up their pup on the given day, we can keep your puppy longer, as long as he or she is paid in full.  There will be a charge of $20 per day to cover the cost of food, supplies and continued training.  Charges may be waived at my discretion.

For those that live in my area and own one of my puppies, I am, at times, available for future boarding of that puppy in my home, at my discretion, for a charge.

Dewclaws & Tail Docking

Dewclaw removal and tail docking will be done on Poodles only, per AKC standards.  We will also on occasion have litters that we choose to not dock or remove dewclaws,  as it is becoming more common to not do these elective procedures.

Rear dewclaws that are "dangling" will be removed from Poodles and Doodles, both.

Spay and Neuter Contract

Our clients are required to sign a spay/neuter contract.  This is to preserve the lines we, as responsible breeders, have carefully tested for and created, and to keep accidental litters from occurring.  Spaying non breeding females and neutering non breeding males also has health and behavioral benefits.   Spaying females eliminates the risk of pyometra (infection of the uterus), and greatly reduces the risk of mammary tumors and certain types of cancer. Neutering males will eliminate the development of testicular cancer, as well as reducing the possibility of prostate problems.  Neutered males tend to be less aggressive and better behaved than intact males.

While there has been some debate on what age is best to spay or neuter, we recommend, for the best physical development of the dog, to wait until the dog has reached puberty, so our contract stipulates that puppies must be done by 1 year old.  Ultimately, it will be up to you and your vet whether the procedure is done prior to 1 year.  

We do offer full AKC/breeding rights, at an additional cost, to breeders who meet our criteria.  This includes new breeders, who will be offered free mentorship as well.

Health Guarantee

We stand behind our puppies!  We give you a 2 year health guarantee against all tested genetic defects, as well as congenital defects.  Should your puppy be diagnosed with such, we will reimburse the cost of your puppy, or replace said puppy as stated in our guarantee contract.  

Please understand that puppies are susceptible to certain illnesses until they have had all of their immunizations.  Your puppy will be dewormed several times before they leave my home, will have their first set of shots and their health clearance from my vet.  Parasites can be contracted very easily from not only the ground or other animals, but also brought out through stress.  Your puppy will need to be seen by your vet within 3 business days of bringing him or her home.

A Lifetime of Support

As a responsible, ethical breeder, I NEVER want my puppies to end up in a shelter.

When you buy a puppy from me, you are becoming part of my extended "family," and as such, I will always be here to offer any support I can.  If at any time you find yourself unable to care for your puppy, you will need to contact me and I will take your puppy back, regardless of the dog's age.  At that time, I will find an appropriate home for him or her!  I am also always available to answer questions, talk you through, or offer prayer!  I also love to get updates, just because!!

Deliveries/Flight Nannies

Ideally you will be able to come in person for puppy pick up day, but sometimes it's just not an option!  In that case, I am available to drive up to 120 miles, at an additional cost, to meet you.  Flight nannies are also a good option for those who don't live within driving distance! In that case, the "nanny" flies in cabin with your puppy at a cost determined by him or her.  

A last resort for me would be to have your pup flown in cargo to you, ONLY on an approved airline with an animal flight program.  Certain puppies may not have the nerve strength for such a flight, so cargo would not be an option.  

Forms of Payment

We accept a few different forms of payment for both deposits and balances. 

At this time we will accept personal checks for both, but remember your place on the reservation list is determined by the order in which I receive payments, and that means when the check is CLEARED.  That also means checks for final payment need to be received by me at least *14 days* prior to pick up.

For balance payment, we accept cash on the day of pick up, and will also accept payment through Zelle, Venmo and Cash app.

Puppy Application
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