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Love at first sight, or wait?

When it comes to puppies, I think pretty much everyone will agree that it's easy to fall in love at first sight. After all, aren't all puppies adorable? There's nothing like puppy breath, and it's awfully tempting to bring home the first cute pup you find, especially if you feel the "price is right." I'm not here to talk you out of that, but to explain why waiting may be (and usually is) your best option!!

So "Sally" has a young family and sees some $1000 puppies on Craigslist. Her young children have been begging for a dog, so they all go meet the pups and she lets the kids pick one out. A month later Sally is frustrated and tired and calls the "breeder" for help because the pup is peeing on the floor, growling at her young kids, and refuses to let them dress him up in doll clothes. He nipped at her 2 year old's face. The breeder is no help. All sales are final. You are on your own. After a few more months of craziness and nipping, the puppy is placed in a shelter because Sally can't deal with it anymore. The pup is now 6 months old, has learned to be fearful and we know what can happen at a shelter when a pup isn't rescued.

Now Nancy has a young family who has been begging her for a dog too. Nancy starts searching for a family friendly breed. She finds a breed she wants, and starts researching breeders of that particular kind of dog. She finds a great breeder who raises her pups on curriculum and temperament tests them to find the right fit for their prospective families, gives a 2 year health guarantee, and calls and asks a million and one questions! The breeder happily answers the million and one questions, and then asks her own! Nancy finds out it's going to be $2000 and 6 months before she can get a puppy from this breeder, but she waits patiently. 6 months later, Nancy and her family go to meet the puppies, and while they love the looks of one, they love the personality of another, and their breeder helps them decide which would be best for their family! A month later, the puppy is having accidents in his crate. Nancy calls her breeder, who gives her good advice that Nancy follows. The puppy is doing fantastic with the kids, and even loves to get dressed up! The breeder checks in every so often, and Nancy knows she can call that breeder any time she needs to! Happy wife, happy kids, happy puppy, happy breeder, happy life...

Don't get me wrong- I'm not saying every love at first sight puppy purchase or rescue goes wrong! I have 2 myself!! What I am saying is to think it through. Know it's hard work to have a young puppy and to train it up right, especially if their personality isn't a good fit for your family! Paying more for your pup from a responsible, ethical breeder is so worth it. Remember, just like everything else in life, you get what you pay for!

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