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What do grace and a cross have to do with breeding??

When I started my journey in dog breeding just a little over a year and a half ago, there were so many things to consider... Do people want "Irishdoodles" when "Goldendoodles" are all the rage? Do people love poodles like I do? Where to test? OFA or Pennhip? Embark or Pawprint? Why are laws so different from state to state and county to county? The questions went on and on! There is one thing I never questioned though: what to name my business!

I have had more than a few people comment on "A Place of Grace," both positive and negative, but it honestly doesn't concern me. After all, we are called to show each other grace in everything we do, aren't we? When I was brainstorming about my logo, I knew I wanted it to be a picture of my Gracie girl (a second reason for the name!) and a cross. I actually had someone make a comment that if she saw a cross on a business card it would be an immediate turn off, and it would probably turn other people away from my business. Another commented about people "using" Christianity to gain customers' trust. Well, I guess if it's a turnoff to someone, there are lots of breeders out there to choose from! (but are they as good as I am?!)

From my last statement you could probably never tell I am somewhat insecure about myself, LOL, but it's true. I am. I'm insecure about how I look, my weight gain, my abilities as a parent, the kind of role model I am... The one thing I am not insecure about - well, there are actually two things- my cooking, and my faith in, and love of Jesus! It just seemed natural to me to include him somehow in my business. After all, if I'm going to ask His blessing on it, shouldn't He be included?

What I want people to know is that using a faith based business doesn't mean you're going to be preached at. It doesn't mean you are going to be turned away. It doesn't mean I don't love you because you don't believe the same as me. What it does mean is this: I will never ask you about your faith, but will happily talk to you about it if YOU bring it up! I will love you no matter what. I will respect you. I will treat you the way I would want to be treated. I will be honest. I will do my best. I will never preach to you. My calling in life is to be an example of God's love, not force it on anyone!

Well... I just figured out what to talk about next time. Oh boy... We are perfectly imperfect!

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